n. & v.
1 a wad or bundle of cotton or synthetic material fastened to the end of a stick, for cleaning floors etc.
2 a similarly-shaped large or small implement for various purposes.
3 anything resembling a mop, esp. a thick mass of hair.
4 an act of mopping or being mopped (gave it a mop).
— (mopped, mopping)
1 wipe or clean with or as with a mop.
2 a wipe tears or sweat etc. from (one's face or brow etc.). b wipe away (tears etc.).
Phrases and idioms:
mop up
1 wipe up with or as with a mop.
2 colloq. absorb (profits etc.).
3 dispatch; make an end of.
4 Mil. a complete the occupation of (a district etc.) by capturing or killing enemy troops left there. b capture or kill (stragglers).
moppy adj.
Etymology: ME mappe, perh. ult. rel. to L mappa napkin
n. Brit. hist. an autumn fair or gathering at which farm-hands and servants were formerly hired.
Etymology: perh. = mop-fair, at which a mop was carried by a maidservant seeking employment

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